Be part of the team

Talk The Talk is an initiative to train the next generation of public speakers. The project is working to create a profound cultural change towards public speaking in Finland, and later across the world. As a Tradition, Talk The Talk runs the annual main program with the final show in November.

In addition to the main program, the community organizes a series of open public speaking workshops and events throughout the year.

This is your chance to make history happen! If you want to become a part of the core team 2020 apply here by the end of January. The core team ensures that the main program happens according with the Talk The Talk tradition and values. Core team coordinates the community and actively supports the initiatives for events.

Please mind: Talk The Talk is a non-profit organisation, it runs on volunteering basis. This means there is no monetary compensation for the core team members.

We are hosting community events throughout the year. If you want to help us with a community event, apply below.