Program 2020 is almost

Applications open on the 18.08.2020

Talk the Talk 2020 is here, Applications open on the 18.08.2020! Check out all the information below.

Talk the Talk makes the most ambitious public speaking program in Finland.

The program is free for anyone. To apply you must describe the topic of a speech that you feel passionate to tell in a one-minute long video. The application link will be provided on this page when the applications open. Out of all the applicants 10 will be chosen as talents into the program.

The talents chosen into the program will receive an all-encompassing public speaking training facilitated by celebrity star mentors and our main coaches. The two-month long program culminates into a final at the Savoy theatre where the Talents will perform their speeches.

Previously with us as star mentors include: Jari Sarasvuo, Krista Kosonen, Roni Bäck, Risto Siilasmaa, Saimi Hoyer, Saara Aalto, Elastinen and a wide array of other equally legendary performers.

This year’s star mentors, and main coaches will be announced shortly.

Program teaser videos:

If you have any questions, check out Frequently Asked Questions at the end of the page or contact us at

Come Meet us on Tuesday the 18th of August.

Come meet us to the legendary Kick-off BBQ @Startupsauna on the 18.08.2020 18:00. Join us to talk about the program, meet the community and enjoy the countdown for the applications opening. More information:

Program 2020, Timeline:


  • Choose a topic you are passionate about. Are you a sports fan and want to share it with the world? Maybe the topic of traveling, creative arts, or teaching gets you Dred up? Whatever your thing is, we want to hear about it!
  • Record a 1 minute video in which you talk to the camera about your topic. 1:00 is ok, 1.01 is too long.
  • Upload your video as a private video to Youtube, Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Remember to check that your video link works in incognito mode!
  • Submit application form with the link to your video (form will be available here from 18.08.2020-09.09.2020)
  • Make sure that you are able to attend all of the sessions before applying.
  • Video quality or editing is not important to us: we focus only on the content. Please don´t have any background music on your video.
  • You can change your application before the application period ends, but not after! Application period is open 18.08.2020 – 09.09.2020 at 20:00.
  • Need inspiration from last years speeches? Here you go:

Wednesday September 9th, Application period ends.

Submit your application before 9.9.2019 23:59. We are strict about the deadline to ensure fair treatment! 

Monday September 14th, Announcement of talents chosen for the program!

We will be in contact with the talents chosen for the program. Remember to check that you are available on all the dates mentioned below so that you can benefit from all of the coaching sessions. The program is designed to be an all encompassing public speaking school and missing even one coaching session is not recommended.

Program starts on Tuesday September 15th!

Attend trainings:

The Final will be held at Savoy on Monday 9th of November!

Teaser videos for the program of 2020:

Frequently Asked Questions

When I apply to the program with one topic, do I keep the same topic through the whole program or can I change later?
We really hope that everyone selects a topic to keep and develop until the final. However if there is a very serious reason to change the topic in the middle, it is possible.

I don’t think I fit the profile you’re looking for. Should I apply?
Yes, everyone interested in Talk The Talk and public speaking should apply. We don’t have an ideal participant profile and we hope to receive applications from different kind of people!

Can I talk about something controversial/political in my application video?
While Talk The Talk is not a platform for political, promotion, recruiting, or rallying, your topic can relate to societal or political issues if presented in a civil, constructive, and non-offending way.

Why is Talk The Talk in English?
For a few reasons:
1. We want the program to be inclusive, not discriminating against people who live in Finland but don’t speak the language.
2. We want to make Finns (and non-Finns living in Finland) known as the best public speakers in the world. Speaking in English makes this possible.
3. You can reach a much larger audience in lingua franca. The world is your stage!

Are fees for the participants?
No, there are no fees on the program! Program is completely free for all the participants!

What if I’m not very good speaker?
Talk The Talk is for everyone: whether you are already a good public speaker or not. Apply regardless of your skills. We’ll make you rock on stage!

Is there any limits who can apply?
No! Anyone can apply regardless of their age, gender, ability, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic status.

Where will the trainings be held?
Talk The Talk partner Mothership of Work provides our training facility. MOW is located in Punavuori.

On what dates do I have to be available?
The program begins on September 16th and ends on November 12th. All training and other important dates are listed in the application.

I didn’t get accepted, what now?
Don’t worry, most people don’t get in the main program. You can still apply again next year or join the community and learn about public speaking. Even our main team has two former applicants who didn’t get accepted.

If I apply and don’t get in the program, will my video application and application topic remain confidential?
Yes. During the application period your video will only be used in the selection process. If you are not selected to Talk The Talk 2019, your application video will not be used for any further purposes.