The most ambitious public speaking program in Finland is looking for organizers.

Talk The Talk is an initiative to train the next generation of public speakers, we arrange the most ambitious public speaking coaching program in Finland. For anyone who has a story to tell.

The program is free for anyone. To apply you must describe the topic of a speech that you feel passionate to tell in a one-minute long video. The application link will be provided on the applications page. 10-talents will be chosen into our program based on their application videos.

The talents chosen into the program will receive an all-encompassing public speaking training facilitated by celebrity star mentors and our main coaches. The two-month long program culminates into a final at the Savoy theatre where the Talents will perform their speeches.

This year we have already announced star mentors like Jyrki Katainen, Anna Perho, Vappu Pimiä, Esa Saarinen, Saku Tuominen, Kamilla Sultanoova, Sara Salmani, Hannu Pekka Parviainen and Jarno Laasala. Our main coaches who interact the most with talents will be Joonas Konstig and Elina Aalto who are both experienced talk the talk veterans and collaborated together in 2019 program.

Previously with us as star mentors include: Jari Sarasvuo, Krista Kosonen, Roni Bäck, Risto Siilasmaa, Saimi Hoyer, Saara Aalto, Elastinen and a wide array of other equally legendary performers.

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Talk the talk is run by volunteers, if you want to help create Talk the Talk 2021 apply as a volunteer here and we will have a chat!

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To join the movement, attend workshops or just say hello, drop us a message, we would love to hear from you! Just give us a moment to get back to you, and in the meanwhile take a look at our social media accounts and find like-minded people there.